Sunday, May 1, 2011

Houston we have a problem

Where to begin......I guess I'll start with the computer is making me crazy!  I've been having problems with it for a while but I may have reached the end of my patience.  I am no longer able to load photos from my camera to the computer.  I've tried deleting the Kodak program and re-installing it several times this week.  At first, everything appears to be fine.  The last step of installation is to restart the computer, but when it restarts, I get an error message that says to run set up and choose repair then restart again.  It's a vicious cycle of restart, error, repair, restart, error, repair.  I do have a Photo Keeper memory stick that I was updating once a month, so I guess the only pictures I really lost were those taken in April. 

So, no picture this week of the card I made.  I've picked out my papers for this weeks layout, but haven't worked it out yet so I guess this is it for today.

Wish me luck.   

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