Saturday, March 20, 2010

Project 365 February

I love the February pages. Lots of pink, flowers and bling!

When I'm looking at paper, I always gravitate toward Basic Grey. I knew I wanted to use this paper, but it's so busy I was afraid it would overwhelm the pictures. I had the bright idea to cut out the top note shape and then I had the even brighter idea to use the negative. This way, I still have 2 top note shapes of this gorgeous paper to use for something else.

Guess I was getting a little lazy in the layout department with the last two pages. I used the same principle from the previous pages, but actually used the scalloped circle cut this time. I was even able to incorporate the negative on this page as well. I cut the negative down by an inch which allowed the brown background paper to show through and define the shape.

Birthday Card for Grandma

I'm baaaaaaack! I haven't posted in a while because I didn't have internet for 5 days!

Last weekend was miserable without any internet connection and the frustration with Comcast attempting to determine the problem. I had to give myself several time-outs on Saturday between Comcast techs! Finally, I was connected to Holly. Holly rocks: She listened, ran a few tests and told me how to fix it in less than 15 minutes - and that includes the five minutes it takes to go through the menu to get to an actual live, talking person. If only I'd talked to Holly first instead of the other jokers that call themselves techs......

On with the Scrapbooking.....When I wasn't being tortured by the IT department at Comcast, I did finish up a few projects. I always seem to have 2 or 3 (or more) projects in the works. If only the available time I have to scrapbook was equal to the project ideas I have.......Guess I may have more time on my hands than I want here soon, but that's a story for another day.

I made a Birthday card for my Grandma using leftover scraps from the album I made for her. I took quite a few photos of the album pages, but they're terrible! A photographer, I am not. It's partially the lighting and partially the blurry-ness. I'm hoping that once the weather improves and the sun comes out, the lighting problem will be fixed. As for the blurry....anyone have any helpful hints??

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Surfer Boy

Here's a birthday card I made for my baby bro. He lives in Hawaii and loves to surf. I thought this paper was very tropical with the hibiscus flowers.

I added a sandbar and palm tree to the inside. I attempted to make the surfer boy look like him with the dark hair and yellow board shorts. Hope he likes it.

Grandma, Take 2

A few weeks ago, I posted an album I made for my grandmother for Christmas 2008 and I explained that a second album was in the works. I finished it this weekend and wanted to post a few pages. I'll post more next weekend.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Fun In The Sun

Whew! It has been a super scrappy weekend! I feel like I've accomplished quite a bit and cleared off a few of the partially completed projects I had going.

This post is another cascading album I started last spring. I about procrastination! But here's the thing, I love designing the projects whether it's a card, layout or mini-album but I never seem to add any pictures to them! This is actually what started me down the road to Project 365. Repeat after me....I must take pictures, I must take get the idea.

Anywhoo....A cascading album is usually made from chipboard and the sizes of the pages are staggered with the front being approx 7 inches wide and the last page approx 11 inches wide. They originally were only available in brown cardboard color, but Bo Bunny has designed several colored albums where the pages can be mixed and matched. Here's a photo of a mixed green and white album so you can see what it looks like when I start out.

Here are a few of the COMPLETED!! pages from our trip to Miami last February. I wasn't on the whole 'must take pictures' train yet, so I didn't have a lot to work with, but I think it turned out OK. I really wish I'd used a digital camera for the sunset photos at Key West. I used my phone to take the pictures and they look really great when sized at 2 inches, but when enlarged to actual photo size just get all blurry. Lesson Learned.

This last page actually has a pocket between the wave and red section and it's the perfect size for my map of the Miami area that's falling apart at the seams because we used it so much. I don't think I've ever navigated so much in my life! I may have taken us on a few wrong turns, but we made it to where we were going eventually!