Saturday, February 13, 2010

Family Album

One more post with a ton of pictures and I'm done for the day!

These are photos of an album I made and gave to my Grandmother for Christmas 2008. It's a 9x9 BoBunny bare naked chipboard book that uses BoBunny papers, embelishments and ribbon along with a ton of brown ink on the edges. I'm posting this album because in a few weeks I'm going to post a second book that is directly, but reluctantly, related to this one. Keep reading after the photos for the backstory.

PS - Comments are welcome......

The story.....Made this album and gave it to her. A very short time later, she decided it didn't have the photos she wanted so she asked/told me to add a couple more. Where??? There's so many pictures in it already, they're overlapping each other. When I balked, she said she'd 'stick them in somewhere'. At that point, I realized I could either let her destroy the book I made (and really like) or compromise with her. (You also have to understand that by compromise with her I mean do it her way).

And so began Album 2. I offered to make another book and let her pick out whatever pictures she wanted. I will never, ever, do this again. Once I give it to her, she's free to add anything she wants to it and I'm not saying a word. It's been in the works for close to a year now and I'm ready to just be done with it. I'm not very happy with the way it looks, but I think it's because the photos she picked out seem so random. It was really difficult to put them in any type of order and have it make sense. Oh to be in her mind.....glad I'm not there! Goal date for completion is March 27, her birthday. Now I just have to stop procrastinating and Just Do IT! Wish me luck.

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  1. Your best job yet. Sooooo many familiar faces and events. A SUPER SUPER good job.