Monday, February 15, 2010

Grunge Flowers

I've been seeing Grunge Flowers all over the scrapbook blogs, websites and message boards so I thought I've give it a try. I used a really cute piece of Heidi Grace paper in shades of purple with polka dots on one side and paisley on the other. The flower base is from mini-monograms cut at 2.5 inches. I used the fill page option and was rewarded with 12 flowers. I've seen several examples using different candy in the middle of the flowers such as lollipop's and hershey kisses, but I'm just trying to make the regular kind to try it out so I used four 'flowers' to make one grunge flower. The first one was kind of rough, (that would be the wonky flower by the handle) but they became better after that. I used a glue gun to hold the wrapped paper ends together. I'm not sure regular adhesive would have been strong enough. I actually had two pieces of the Heidi Grace paper so I made the flowers mostly showing the polka dots and then made a little container using the paisley side. Let me know if they should go into the 'Yeah-Success' shelf or the 'Better Luck Next Time' bucket.

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