Sunday, February 7, 2010


Aren't they cute! I decided January's pages for Project 365 needed a little something and snow is definately appropriate.

When I started Project 365, I had decided there were a few elements I wanted to keep consistant from month to month so the entire album would flow. First, I thought with 30-31 photos each month I would need 6 pages per month. Second, I wanted to use a calendar layout on the first page. And third, I wanted all the pages of each month to be in the same color family.

I was determined to keep up with this project, so I began working on January's pages about halfway through the month. Everything was going well. I was using 'winter' patterned paper with blues, white, silver and a little red. Then I found out how much of the pretty paper ends up covered up with 6 photos per page. Then I realized the pages were so full, I wouldn't be able to really add any embelishments. For those of us in scrapbooking, embelishments are the equivilent of the holy grail.

Now that I'm done with January, I've learned a few things and hope to make February better. I learned that 6 pages per month is OK, but more pages would be better, so February is being planned with 8 pages. I also learned that day's I'm traveling for work, it's difficult to find something to photograph - that's why there's several photos of hotels and food! I've also learned that I like pink. I have no idea when that happened and it's making me wonder what else I may find out about myself!

Coming Soon......January's pages!

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