Monday, January 31, 2011

One More January Birthday Card

Here it final Birthday card for the blog-year.  This card was made using Kraft cardstock and some bright colorful patterned paper.  The spots reminded me of funfetti (one of only two kinds of cake that I actually like).  The diecut frame was stamped with a little cupcake and I used Stickles to emphasize the frosting. 

Now, lets review the goals from this past year and set out the resolutions for Blog Year #2.
This blog began as a way to archive projects.  I started as a card maker and am still a card maker at heart, although I got away from it a little this year and ventured into a humongo project I called Project 365.  I knew I wanted to create layouts and use all the yummy supplies I'd been hoarding, but I was really lacking for photos.  So Project 365 began as a way to make me start using my camera on a consistent basis.  I planned to take a photo every single day of  2010 and I'm proud to say that I only missed 2 days in the entire year (one in October that I just forgot about and another in November that I intentionally missed so I could commemorate a defining occasion with an older photo).  While I accomplished the goal of using my camera more (I rarely go anywhere without it now!), I didn't really create a variety of layouts because I wanted Project 365 to have some consistency.   The other goal I had was to make at least 2 Christmas cards each month so when December rolled around I wouldn't be overwhelmed with making almost 50 cards at once.  This goal went extremely well.  There was only one month when I made two cards and most months I made at least 4.  When December rolled around, I had all the cards I needed.  

This leads me to Blog Year #2. 
Goal #1:  I'd like to become more consistent with posting so Goal #1 is to post at least one project a week.  I realize that's not much to some people, but I have very limited time to create and I can spend several hours on a 'simple' card or layout.  I think one post a week is do-able, and will do more if I can. 

This leads into Goal #2:  Finish at least one card and one layout each week.  Again, this is should be very do-able as I now have an abundance of photos that I took this past year.

And finally, Goal #3:  Making Christmas cards throughout the year worked so well, I'm doing it again this year.  Instead of two cards a month, I'm going for four since my card list seems to increase every year. 

So that's it.  Check in next weekend to see if I make it through the first week!

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