Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Chocolate Chip Brownies

Hey there!  Welcome to Adventures In Baking.  Let's jump right into the baking...this weeks treat is a double delight, brownie and cookie.  I found this recipe here at Tasty Kitchen. 

The ingredients.  Brownie and chocolate chip cookie goodness and a layer of Oreos. 

Let's get started.  The brownie layer.  In a sauce pan, melt the butter.  Add sugar and cocoa powder once the butter is melted.  Whisk to combine and remove from heat.  Add salt, vanilla and eggs and whisk continuously until the eggs are combined.  Add the flour and continue mixing.  Set pan aside.  It's thick, but not as thick as a box brownie mix and with all the butter that was melted in the beginning, nothing sticks to the pan!

Next step.  The cookie dough layer.  Cream together butter and sugars.  Add the eggs and vanilla.  Add the flour, salt, baking soda and baking powder.  Fold in chocolate chips.  Set dough aside.  I'm starting to see what all the fuss is about raw cookie dough.  I could eat an entire spoonful of this cookie dough......yum. 

Final step.  Assembly.  Layer half the cookie dough on the bottom of the baking pan pressing down to form the bottom layer. 

Layer as many Oreos as you can on top of the cookie dough.  No need to overlap.

Pour the brownie batter on top of the Oreos and spread evenly. 

Taste test.  An unusual brownie.  The directions said to bake for 30-35 minutes.  It took 75 minutes to get a sold brownie.  I was afraid I was going to ruin the cookie layer it took so long to bake the brownie.  The corner pieces are a little crunchy, but overall it's a good balance.  The Oreo layer seems unnecessary.  I shared the brownies and they were enjoyed with big glasses of milk. 

The clean-up.  The bonus with this recipe is that in addition to a nice pan of brownies, you have enough left over cookie dough to make 2 dozen cookies!

On the next episode ....... I'm taking suggestions.  My aunt has been sending me cookie recipes, but I can't seem to narrow it down.  Do you have a favorite cookie?  What flavors do you like?  Do you like to try new things or are you partial to the classics?  Let me know....

See ya back here soon

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