Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Orange Soda Cupcakes

Hello and Welcome to Adventures In Baking!  This week we're wrapping up our month long Halloween themed treats with Orange Soda Cupcakes.  I'm using a recipe from The Big Book of Cupcakes.  Do these cupcakes look yummy or what? 

The ingredients.  Pretty simple.  Well, except for the orange soda of course.

Let's get started.  Pour all the ingredients into a bowl.  Mix.  (The recipe only uses 1 cup of orange soda).  Can't get much easier than this.

Next step.  Fill the muffin liners with batter.  It's a nice peachy-orange shade.

Final step.  I went a different route with the frosting this time.  Instead of making my own using powdered sugar, I purchased this Frosting Creations container and flavor packet from Duncan Hines.  The frosting is white and then you add the flavor packet and stir it together in the container.  It's super easy and the orange flavor is amazing.  It's not too sweet but adds the perfect punch of orange.  I don't remember how many different flavors they have, but I'll definitely use them again.  So much easier.

Taste test.  These are really good.  The cake is light and moist and I've already given my opinion on the frosting.  I much prefer the sugar sprinkles over the black and orange sprinkles .  If orange isn't your thing you could use lemon-lime or anything else that tickles your taste buds.  Just make sure it's carbonated.

The clean up.  The recipe yielded 12 cupcakes so if you're making them for a larger group I'd definitely try a few different flavor combos.  Grape sounds good.  And strawberry.  And cherry.  Well, you get the picture!

Check back in later this week for an extra episode of Adventures In Baking that's super easy and fun!



  1. These cupcakes look very pretty & festive...perfect choice for the Fall season. Since I haven't baked in awhile, I didn't know this icing combo was available. Seems to be very convenient!