Monday, September 13, 2010

Christmas in September?

Actually, it's been Christmas since January for me!  Last year, I was barely able to get my cards out before January and the fact that they were made at all is due to taking my supplies on a business trip and working on them at night in the hotel.  The cards were OK, but not my best work.  I generally send out 25-30 cards a year, so I decided to make the commitment to complete at least 2 cards per month for 2010 and figured that would get me close so I wouldn't be struggling in December to finish cards and projects.

I've done really well as I now have 23 Christmas cards ready to go!  I did only two cards most months, but since I can make 4 cards almost as easily as 2, a few months slipped in with extras.  The above card is one of 6(!) I completed for September.  I used a really simple design and mass produced the cards using only 2 pieces of solid cardstock for the base, two sheets of double sided cardstock for the main focus and a page of die cuts for the embellishments.  By using both sides of the patterned paper, I was able to make all six cards a little different.  Add a little ribbon and a Merry Christmas stamp inside the card and they're ready to be mailed!

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