Saturday, March 26, 2011


What's going on here?  It's only Saturday and my weekly post is already up??  Let me just say it is FREEZING here today.  Cloudy, cold, rainy.....blah.....good day to scrapbook.  The mystery papers I picked this week are very masculine.  Navy blue, light blue, dark green.....perfect for an event involving tractors.

I had never heard of a Thrasherman, much less known about their yearly festival in a local town.  But one warm, sunny, beautiful October morning the family headed to an orchard to have lunch, wander through the pumpkin patch, have our picture taken on a haystack and watch little kids try to carry pumpkins as big as they are. 

On the way to the orchard, I discover we're stopping to see the Thrashers.  Who?  What?  I thought it kinda sounded like the people that stomp on grapes to make wine.  Reminded me of that hilarious I Love Lucy episode.  Nope, no wine.  I'm still not entirely sure what a Thrasher is, but it has something to do with steam and engines and farming.  The event was a cross between a tractor pull and a flea market with funnel cakes.  So this layout commemorates my first, and last, Thrasher Festival.  The last line of my journaling says it all.....lots of guys in overalls. 

Till next week......

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