Wednesday, July 27, 2011

It Fits

Welcome back, I'm having so much fun getting layouts finished this month!  I've been super productive but just hope I can keep it going into August.  Tuesday's Out With the Old, In With the New challenge at Apron Strings is to select your oldest non-Christmas kit and pair it with your most recent Christmas-time photos.  I haven't scrapped a single Christmas picture from last year so I had lots to choose from.

I used Pink Paislee's Amber Road collection from September 2009's kit.  The paper's are fall-ish, which gets me thinking about falling leaves and trees which is how I ended up with
pictures of my Dad going a few rounds with the Christmas tree!  It's an artificial tree so it gets broken down and stuffed into a big cardboard box at the end of the season.  It's not a new tree, they've had it a couple of years, but we could NOT figure out how to get it back into the box!  The center post brakes down into two parts but one was about 8 inches longer than the box.  We turned it every which way possible (and even looked at the instructions!) but could not get it back into the box.  (And yes, the post only brakes into two parts-that was the first thing we checked.....and the second....and the third....).  Finally, Dad decided to just cut a hole in the end of the thing and be done with it!  This is his victory pose...
Question:  Does this mean we were smarter than the box or the box was smarter than us??  Hmmmm.


  1. Don't question the box! :)
    Great layout - even though the papers aren't Chrstmassy, the page looks festive.

  2. I love that line and always thought it would be beautiful for Christmas. . .very nice. Great story - we have the same problem with our tree - I'm not sure the box is gonna make it this year!