Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Mini Pecan Pie Cookies

Hello and Welcome to Adventures In Baking!  This week we're turning our attention away from pumpkins and toward another Fall and Thanksgiving staple, Pecan Pie.  But, instead of the traditional pecan pie, we're making bite size cookies that look just like pecan pie.  I find traditional pecan pie to be too sweet so, in my personal opinion, I like these much better because there's less sugar filling.  I'm using a recipe from Bake or Break that you can find right here.

The ingredients.  I used pre-made pie crust by Pillsbury.  The package contains 2 9-inch crusts which was the perfect amount for the quantity of filling I made.

Let's get started  Roll out the first pie crust and cut circles to fit a mini muffin pan.  I'm not gonna lie, I struggled with this one.  The only circle cookie cutter I have is 3 inches in diameter which is way too big for my little muffin pan.  I thought "I can do this" and "how hard can it be" .  Uh, yeah.  Want to see my first effort?  Here ya go:

It wasn't pretty.  After the sixth or seventh semi-circle I decided I needed to regroup.  I have all kinds of punches and dies to make every size of circle there is with my papercrafting supplies, surely I have something that will work with dough.  I thought about punching a circle and tracing around it with a knife but that seemed like a lot of work.  Then my eyes just happened to fall on the brand new can of Pam Baking Spray sitting out on the counter.  Hmmmmm.  That might just work.  Viola!  Circles cut to the perfect size. 
Next step.  Now onto the filling.  Mix together eggs, sugar, corn syrup, butter and flour. 
  Final step.  Add pecans, vanilla and salt.  Pour filling into shells and bake.
 Taste test.  Yum. 
The clean up.  I just wanted to show you a picture of what my free-form pie crust circles (??) looked like before I switched to using the plastic lid on the baking spray.  I still used them cause I didn't want to waste the crust.  They were a little difficult to get out of the pan because the filling stuck to the sides while the pretty ones just popped right out.  Oh well, they still taste good.  I managed to make 37 mini pecan pie cookies but if I hadn't wasted so much before I figured out how to cut the crust, I probably could have made about 48. 

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  1. Funny how you struggled with the pie crust technique, but worked it out...way to hang in there until you found a solution! Your baking succes is moving right along. These look very yummy...I'd say a job well done!

    I made these little pecan pie jewels many years ago and they were always a hit.... I agree, a slice of pecan pie can be very sweet, but these tiny morsels are just right! Your successful attempt makes me want to make them again this holiday season!