Saturday, June 2, 2012

Cheveron Kleenex Box

I know.  You're looking at this photo of a Kleenex box and wondering what the heck you've stumbled into.  I wonder the same thing at least once or twice a week.  I was getting ready for work one morning last week and as I was brushing my teeth, I happened to focus in on this box of Kleenex that sits on the bathroom counter.  This box has been there for months but, for some reason, I'd never focused on the pattern.  I started getting ideas.  The wheels started turning.  And I had to go to work for 9 hours.  Grrrrr.  Don't ya just hate when you get all inspired and can't do a thing about it. 

Later than night, I ran in from work and started pulling everything together that I'd need to make this card.  I'd had all day to think about it and knew just what I wanted to make.  Quickest card ever...... inspired by a Kleenex box. 

Have a great weekend!

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